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Special Occasion

af Hamed Aldhaheri
i have done a fanfare about world cup. i have done this piece alone.

National Anthem

af Obaid Eisaa
I have done a national anthem for X country.

Superbowl Players Entrance Fanfare

af danial.hamdani
superbowl players entrance fanfare. i basically used a drone to make the piece interesting and se

Giocando con le ottave

af Gerardo Del Gaudio
Hi, my name is Gerardo and I am a pianist.


af Mario Cucciniello
My name is Mario Cucciniello,I’m 14 years old .

Pensando a Billy

af Carmine Iorio
I’m Iorio Carmine, a student of the high music school P.E.


af Benedetto Oliva
Hi,I’m Benedetto and I’m attending the “LICEO MUSICALE” of Avellino. I decided to enter this projec

The same pop song

af Kamile Grazyte ...
Need a nice rap part, could be anything as long as it fits the song :) Please anyone?

Guitar + shaker

af Søren Marsi
SImple chilled backgound with guitar and shaker.

Intonarumori 1913-2013

af Tecnologie Musi...
L'idea è quella di creare un'orchestra di intonarumori come l'aveva pensata Luigi Rus

DJ Time

af Andrea Restelli
Si tratta di un brano house a 130 bpm realizzato con Garage Band


af Sebastian Garofalo
I’m a student at the high school “Liceo Musicale P. E.