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Granular music

Project owner: antonio.roda
Mis à jour: 16 déc 2013
Contributions: 6
I uploaded a software (namely patch) written in Pure Data (it is a freeware programming environment that you can download at This patch implement a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer for real-time transformation of a soundfile. Its main strength is in generating clouds of sonic particles, time-scrambling to file, or creating abstract textures. I would like to use it as a basis for the creation of a new piece. You can try to use it and upload the resulting files, that may be subsequently mounted.
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Composition Elements:
granular-music.mp3 Par: Antonio Rodà
hydro-grains.mp3 Par: Chris Nijweppe
granular-loops.mp3 Par: Angelo Bianchi
Project: Granular music by Antonio Rodà
Licensed under Creative Commons