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Link to the Freesound site

Go to the Freesound website to see if you can find interesting sounds or view with a brief tutorial.


Freesound is a comprehensive database of sounds in continuous and rapid expansion, loaded and updated by a large number of users all over the world. As a requirement for access to Freesound, users who upload their own samples must agree to license them according to the Creative Commons licenses that allow the use of samples from other users in his compositions.

Sampling - Using samples from music that is already registered

Much of modern music uses samples from recordings already published. These samples can be sounds, spoken parts, items or parts and music loops. The use of samples from other records is permitted for personal use, and to publish songs containing samples taken from copyrighted works of other artists, you must obtain the necessary permits, following a process that can often be long and expensive. However, some of the finest music made since the early eighties contains samples that are well-known and used with great frequency. Searching for a loop or a sample from one of your favorite songs can be a good way to start creating a new piece.

Creation of new sounds

Sounds are everywhere and the process of creating new sounds for compositions is limited only by imagination and the time you have available. With a microphone and an MP3 recorder you have lightweight and easy to use equipment for recording ambient sounds such as birds singing, car horns, street artists (after asking their permission) and any other type of sound. The Freesound database (see above) contains a wide variety of environmental sounds, recorded, loaded and ready to use. Musical instruments are undoubtedly another great source of samples for music creation.
Thousands of packs of samples for use with music creation software are commercially available, containing a huge variety of sounds of musical instruments of all kinds. And of course you can also record your own. For musicians who compose with the aid of a computer, the most convenient source of sound is definitely software synthesizers, which are often included with music production software or are available separately.