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Variations on Sakura

Project owner: Alejandro Garcia
Mis à jour: 11 avr 2014
Contributions: 1
The main idea for this project was to create a new modern arrangement for an existing Japanese song: Sakura. I tried to create a modern composition (electronic dance genre) using the main melody from the Sakura Song, by adding new layers to it, such as synthesisers, flute, electric guitar and drum beat loops. It was a great experience to learn about other culture's music, and see how can they be transformed and re-arranged to a more eastern and modern sort of music.
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Composition Elements:
Sakura Parody Omar Final Draft.mp3 Par: Omar Abdelnasser
adnan comp 2.mp3 Par: Camille holder
electronic chill out.mp3 Par: itai naeh
sakura - orchestra arangment .mp3 Par: adrien de laitre
Project: Variations on Sakura by Alejandro Garci...
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