Collaborative Community

Learning Outcomes

The general aim of OPEN SoundS is to reorganize and transfer to the education system a virtual learning environment to supply to its young users suitable tools to develop music production activities on the Internet by team works in different countries to benefit on the training and educational plan.

The project, through a highly innovative and creative practice in fact wants to be a means to stimulate and support for:
A) the development of key competencies for initial and continuing training;
B) a more concrete possibility of transition into the labor market.

All this through the development and management conscious of practices and creative processes mediated by the use of digital music technologies and network within a learning environment specifically designed for this purpose.

Consistently with the objectives of the project, therefore, an aspect, no less significant and complex has been the integration by the technological model and pedagogical framework linked to a define framework of training objectives and competences really achieved really achieved by young people in training by the use of planned remote collaboration environment.

It should be emphasized that the designed environment will promote learning processes and construction of activities that impact on the possible innovation of teaching processes in formal systems. And that these processes, in their turn, aim to achieve specific educational goals and skills by young people in training

The framework of results expected by the students as users of the environment is, therefore, a central part of a more general conceptual framework proposed and, beyond to guide the aims of the project, has determined the structure, form, content and functioning of actions and products to be developed.

This framework was defined starting and in compliance with the descriptors that define the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the respective 8 levels1 of qualification in which is divided (Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the CounciL on the establishment of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning- of April 23rd, 2008-)