OPEN SOUNDS’s main goal is to transfer innovation into the new technologies applied in music education. The areas interested in the transfer of contents, practices and processes, developed with OPEN SOUNDS, are chiefly:

  • the Italian educational and vocational system, with particular reference to IFP (technical and vocational institutions), high school music academies and regional training (local vocational agencies);
  • the Italian high school and VET (Vocational education and training) systems in Britain and Denmark, partner countries in the project.

Within said different systems, the main target groups are:

  1. students in Italy, UK and Denmark, in particular high school music academies and vocational training institutions;
  2. students attending regional training, in particular the local vocational agencies of the Lazio Region.

The transfer provides for:

  • the study, definition and promotion of the receiving environments (transfer/adaptation);
  • attention for the actors (type), contents, strategies (fruition and exchange);
  • procedures and methods (self-sufficient and assisted), products (exemplariness, etc.);
  • a testing period of at least nine months.