Collaborative Community

About this platform

The OPEN SOUNDS collaborative platform provides different levels of access and two content types.

Platform users are divided into administrators, teachers and students.
The administrators can add a new educational institution to the system and create access for its staff, while teachers can in turn create personalized access for students or approve requests from an approval queue. The students require participation in networking activities to the teacher from the class in which they appear.

Students and teachers can create projects through a two-step process, which provides:

  • first, the creation of a content of type "idea" which illustrates the initial idea of ​​a project by a descriptive text, giving way to other students of the European network to intervene in the discussion and form a project team: Create Idea. A list of all project ideas is always accessible to view the ideas proposed by other students in the network before proposing new ones: List of New Ideas
  • then, the group starts to create a content type "project" Create Project, i.e., a collaborative music production in a dedicated environment that allows you to:
    • describe the musical project in every aspect, cultural and technical
    • upload any type of music files necessary for its implementation;
    • view the tracking of the contribution to the final production provided by each student team
    • post and view comments about the creative productions

In the mentioned Create Project environment, you can upload any type of music files and more precisely all types of audio and MIDI files, samples, as well as Scores, Patches and Schemes of composition. The file size can not exceed 100 MB. Allowed file formats are: wav, mp3, aif, aiff, ogg, wma, aac, flac, m4a, ape .

You can see every aspect of the project: description, specifications, used files, individual contributions and posts by clicking in the Project menu navigation: Browse Projects.

The platform was built with Drupal 7 and it is available in Italian, English and Danish. In addition to the basic Drupal system, modules available with an Open Source license were integrated and custom functionality has been included for management of registrations to the portal and improvement the Drupal user interface in a way more suitable for an educational environment.

For more information about the platform, read the tutorial.