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Brain Fantasy

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Updated: 1 Jun 2014
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Hi! This project is based on an idea of a student attending "Liceo Giorgione" in Castelfranco (Italy). There will be some instruments generally used to play Jazz Music (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Percussion, and so on). To developpe our idea, we are going to use some MIDI soundsand some basic rhythm patterns could be produced usig software sounds or playing acoustic instruments and recording new tracks. We will use different softwares such as Finale MakeMusic 2005 (no other version), MaxMsp 5.0 (no other version), Cubase.
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Composition Elements:
testo_0.mp3 By: Michele Della V...
brainfantasymp3.mp3 By: Marco Emmanuele
bf.mp3 By: Leonardo Scarin
bf.mp3 By: Leonardo Scarin
N.1 partitura semi.mp3 By: Alberto Anhaus
Melody 2_0.mp3 By: Iuri Marchesin
Melody 2.mp3 By: Marco Emmanuele
N.1.mp3 By: Valentina de Totto
N.1.mp3 By: Iuri Marchesin
Project: Brain Fantasy by Michele Della V...
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