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John Dowland between past and future

Updated: 16 Dec 2013
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The idea is to re-interpret the piece “Can she excuse my wrongs”, written by Renaissance composer John Dowland (1563 – 1626) for lute, flute and voice, putting it in a new context of timbre and sound through digital processing. The melodic line is the main element on which to build a new context of timbre, modifying the principal harmony and including further musical arrangement elements: such as rhythm, harmony, timbre or sound effects. There could be different versions of the same piece, depending on the musical sensibility and culture of the students participating in the project, therefore there is no stylistic limit. The only things that cannot change are the lyrics and the melodic line. The students who are creating this project will give to the participants different type of materials for the development of the ideas submitted above as for example: -audio recording of the vocals and the guitar on different tracks; -the same parts on midi format; -further elements of sound processing through software and hardware digital instruments.
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Composition Elements:
voce synth (2).mp3 By: Stefano Ferrari
guitar synth.mp3 By: Giovanniantonio...
Project: John Dowland between past and future by Stefano Ferrari
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