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La cacharrería de la anguila eléctrica

Project owner: Lucici
Updated: 20 May 2014
Posts: 2
Our project receives the same name as our group, "La cacharreria de la anguila eléctrica" because we have many mixed instruments: string instruments like guitar or ukulele, piano, and percu


Project owner: Steenalder
Updated: 17 Dec 2013
Posts: 1
Efterår means 'autumn' in Danish. I would like to express impressions of autumn together with others on Open Sounds. Join and add your ideas.

Simple guitar part

Project owner: benjon123
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 0


Project owner: Muriel Vittori
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 7
Hey! So, as I promised, this became a project. I've been very glad that many people seemed interested.

Rainy Tuesday

Project owner: Quentin
Updated: 17 Dec 2013
Posts: 12
My new Rock project Rainy Tuesday. Inspired by Swedish band Katatonia and others.

Pop Tune

Project owner: andrea.pozzi
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 4
Hi this is my project, I hope you like it!

Rock Song

Project owner: andrea.pozzi
Updated: 19 Dec 2013
Posts: 6
Ciao a tutti mi piacerebbe creare un brano rock con alcuni di voi, con la possibilità poi eventuale di suonare insieme e magari di formare una band.

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